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nameproductrev date
CRN Statutory Declaration Drawing Number Cross ReferenceCRN9/13/2019
CRN - Exempt from registration British Columbia & ManitobaCRN6/18/2018
CRN - 31 Series Alberta 0C18387.2CRN5/3/2018
CRN - 31 Series British Columbia 0C19877.51CRN4/16/2018
CRN - 31 Series New Brunswick 0C19877.57CRN3/20/2018
CRN - 31 Series Newfoundland Labrador 0C19877.50CRN3/20/2018
CRN - 31 Series Northwest Territories 0C19877.5TCRN3/20/2018
CRN - 31 Series Nova Scotia 0C19877.58CRN3/20/2018
CRN - 31 Series Nunavut 0C19877.5NCRN3/20/2018
CRN - 31 Series Ontario 0C19877.5CRN9/13/2018
CRN - 31 Series Prince Edward Island 0C19877.59CRN3/20/2018
CRN - 31 Series Quebec 0C19877.56CRN4/18/2018
CRN - 31 Series Saskatchewan 0C19877.56CRN4/18/2018
CRN - 31 Series Yukon 0C19877.5YCRN3/20/2018
CRN - LB Series Alberta 0C20032.52CRN4/16/2018
CRN - LB Series New Brunswick 0C20032.57CRN5/8/2018
CRN - LB Series Newfoundland and Labrador 0C20032.50CRN5/8/2018
CRN - LB Series Northwest Territories 0C20032.5TCRN5/8/2018
CRN - LB Series Nova Scotia 0C20032.58CRN5/8/2018
CRN - LB Series Nunavut 0C20032.5NCRN5/8/2018
CRN - LB Series Ontario 0C20032.5CRN3/20/2018
CRN - LB Series Quebec 0C20032.56CRN4/18/2018
CRN - LB Series Saskatchewan 0C20032.56CRN4/18/2018
CRN - LB Series Yukon 0C20032.5YCRN5/8/2018
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Alberta 0C20682.52CRN1/30/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly New Brunswick 0C20682.57CRN1/4/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Newfoundland/Labrador 0C20682.50CRN1/4/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Northwest Territories 0C20682.5TCRN1/4/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Nova Scotia 0C20682.58CRN1/4/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Nunavut 0C20682.5NCRN1/4/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Ontario 0C20682.5CRN1/30/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Prince Edward Island 0C20682.59CRN1/4/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Quebec 0C20682.56CRN1/30/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Saskatchewan 0C20682.56CRN1/30/2019
CRN - NS Series Butterfly Yukon 0C20682.5YCRN1/4/2019
CRN - Trunnion Alberta 0C18089.52CRN1/4/2016
CRN - Trunnion Manitoba 0C18089.54CRN2/2/2016
CRN - Trunnion New Brunswick 0C18089.5CRN12/18/2015
CRN - Trunnion Newfoundland & Labrador 0C18089.5CRN12/18/2015
CRN - Trunnion Northwest Territories 0C18089.5CRN12/18/2015
CRN - Trunnion NovaScotia 0C18089.5CRN12/18/2015
CRN - Trunnion Nunavut 0C18089.5CRN10/27/2015
CRN - Trunnion Ontario 0C18089.5CRN11/30/2015
CRN - Trunnion Prince Edward Island 0C18089.5CRN10/27/2015
CRN - Trunnion Quebec & Saskatchewan 0C18089.56CRN11/16/2015
CRN - Trunnion Yukon 0C18089.5CRN10/27/2015
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Alberta 0C21013.52CRN4/8/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity New Brunswick 0C21013.57CRN5/7/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Newfoundland-Labrador 0C21013.50CRN5/7/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Northwest Territories 0C21013.5TCRN5/7/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Nova Scotia 0C21013.58CRN5/7/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Nunavut 0C21013.5NCRN5/7/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Ontario 0C21013.5CRN1/21/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Prince Edward Island 0C21013.59CRN5/7/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Quebec 0C21013.56CRN5/21/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Saskatchewan 0C21013.56CRN5/21/2019
CRN - H78 Series High Purity Yukon 0C21013.5YCRN5/7/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Alberta 0C20761.52CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity British Columbia 0C20761.51CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Manitoba 0C20761.54CRN5/21/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity New Brunswick 0C20761.57CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Newfoundland - Labrador 0C20761.50CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Northwest Territories 0C20761.5TCRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Nova Scotia 0C20761.58CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Nunavut 0C20761.5NCRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Ontario 0C20761.5CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Prince Edward 0C20761.59CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Quebec 0C20761.56CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Saskatchewan 0C20761.56CRN1/14/2019
CRN - HP Series High Purity Yukon 0C20761.5YCRN1/14/2019
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Alberta 0C20331.52CRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) New Brunswick 0C20331.57CRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Newfoundland-Labrador 0C20331.50CRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Northwest Territories 0C20331.5TCRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Nova Scotia 0C20331.58CRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Nunavut 0C20331.5NCRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Ontario 0C20331.5CRN9/12/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Prince Edward Island 0C20331.59CRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Quebec 0C20331.56CRN6/18/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Saskatchewan 0C20331.56CRN6/18/2018
CRN - HPBFV (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Yukon 0C20331.5YCRN7/25/2018
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Alberta 0C16428.52CRN4/21/2014
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Manitoba 0C16428.54CRN3/1/2014
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) New Brunswick 0C16428.57CRN11/29/2013
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Newfoundland and Labrador 0C16428.50CRN12/27/2013
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Northwest Territories 0C16428.5TCRN12/31/2013
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Nova Scotia 0C16428.58CRN11/29/2013
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Nunavut 0C16428.5NCRN11/29/2013
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Ontario 0C16428.5CRN11/8/2013
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Prince Edward Island 0C16428.59CRN12/2/2015
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Quebec - Saskatchewan 0C16428.56CRN1/30/2014
CRN - HPButterfly (PS/PF/PM/PH Series only) Yukon 0C16428.54CRN12/2/2013
CRN - ResilientButterfly Alberta 0C16562.52CRN3/7/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Manitoba 0C16562.54CRN5/5/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly New Brunswick 0C16562.57CRN1/17/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Newfoundland Labrador 0C16562.50CRN2/14/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Northwest Territories 0C16562.55CRN1/20/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Nova Scotia 0C16562.58CRN1/17/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Nunavut 0C16562.5NCRN1/20/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Ontario 0C16562.5CRN1/6/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Prince Edward Island 0C16562.59CRN1/17/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Quebec - Saskatchewan-0C16562.56CRN3/4/2014
CRN - ResilientButterfly Yukon 0C16562.51CRN1/17/2015
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Alberta 0C19943.52CRN2/21/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly New Brunswick 0C19943.57CRN3/20/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Newfoundland Labrador 0C19943.50CRN3/20/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Northwest Territories 0C19943.5TCRN3/20/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Nova Scotia 0C19943.58CRN3/20/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Nunavut 0C19943.5NCRN3/20/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Ontario 0C19943.5CRN9/13/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Prince Edward Island 0C19943.59CRN3/20/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Quebec CSA-0C19943.56CRN3/2/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Saskatchewan CSA-0C19943.56CRN3/2/2018
CRN - AS Series Butterfly Yukon 0C19943.5YCRN3/20/2018
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Alberta - OC14175.52CRN3/25/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec - OC14175.56CRN4/19/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment New Brunswick - OC14175.57CRN3/9/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment New Foundland - OC14175.50CRN3/22/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Northwest Territories - OC14175.5TCRN3/15/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Nova Scotia - OC14175.58CRN3/11/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Nunavut - OC14175.5NCRN5/21/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Ontario - OC14175.5CRN2/9/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Prince Edward Island - OC14175.59CRN3/11/2011
CRN - MetalSeat & Segment Yukon - OC14175.54CRN3/11/2011
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Alberta - 0C06152.52CRN8/17/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec - 0C6152.56R1CRN10/18/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves New Brunswick - 0C6152.57Rev1CRN9/21/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Newfoundland And Labrador - 0C6152.50Rev1CRN9/24/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Northwest Territories - 0C6152.5TRev1CRN9/27/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Nova Scotia - 0C6152.58Rev1CRN9/24/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Nunavut - 0C6152.5NRev1CRN9/26/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Ontario - 0C6152.5R1CRN5/10/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Prince Edward Island - 0C6152.59Rev1CRN9/24/2010
CRN - SoftSeat Ball Valves Yukon - 0C6152.5 Rev1CRN11/1/2010