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Printed product literature is available free of charge, though we do ask that you pay for shipping for additional quantities. Please include your UPS Collect # with literature requests. Up to date literature is always available on our website under download.

For your reference, on the bottom back cover of each brochure is a date code and item number. All of our current literature will contain a date code from 2015 or later, so you may always check to see that you have the current set by comparing this date code to the latest pdf on our website. Date code example: PO-20170215 (Product Overview from Feb 15, 2017)

See below for a comprehensive list of available printed literature. Please reference item code and quantity when ordering. This LIT code (LIT00XX) is also printed on back cover of each brochure.

 Binder Inserts
LIT0009INSERTS only-for White Binder (shrink wrapped set)
LIT0046INSERTS only-for Black Binder (shrink wrapped set)
LIT0010INSERTS only-for Blue Binder (shrink wrapped set)
LIT0001BLUE-Ball Valve & Automation Catalog (Filled Binder)
LIT0002WHITE-Automated Catalog (same as Blue but without Valves) (Filled Binder)
LIT0030BLACK-Butterfly Valve Catalog with Automation (Filled Binder)
LIT0040RED-Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Catalog w/ Automation (Filled Binder)
LIT0052Electric Spring Return Actuators Catalog (SRX Series)
 Product Overview
LIT0003A-T Controls Product Overview (20 pg overview of our full product line)
LIT0047Product Specification Battle Cards (1 set) for sales calls
LIT0048Trunnion Battle Cards (1 set)
 Product Brochures - Actuators
LIT0004Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Brochure
LIT0006THD Heavy Duty Actuator Brochure
LIT0008(S2) Stainless Steel Rack & Pinion Actuator
LIT0021WE/XE/XC/KE Series Electric Actuators
LIT0025Electric Fail Safe Actuator (FSE/BFS)
LIT0027Floor Mounted Damper Drive Brochure
LIT0034180° Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuator
LIT0036XEC Series Actuator for Choke Valve
LIT0037SY Series (Scotch Yoke) Heavy Duty
 Product Brochures - Valves
LIT0007Series 33 / 43 / 53 Multi Port Valve Brochure
LIT0017M Series (FMU) Flanged/Floating Metal
LIT0018M Series (FMX) 3 Piece Metal Seated
LIT0019WB/W6 Series Dual Isolation, Block & Bleed valve brochure
LIT0020VS/VM Series Segmented Control Valves Brochure
LIT0024FM Approved Valve Assembly Brochure
LIT0026TA-Luft Pyramidal Stem Seal brochure
LIT0031Butterfly Valve Brochure-Resilient Seated
LIT0035HPBFV- (P1S/P1F/P1M/P1H Series) Power-Seal High Performance Butterfly brochure
LIT0038Cryogenic Valve Series Broch. Set (3 pgs–Man, DA/SA, EL)
LIT0039V-Port Series (V7, V8, V9) brochure
LIT0041Trunnion Ball Valve Brochure
LIT0049NS Series Ball & Butterfly Valve Brochure | NSF 61 & 372 Rated valves
LIT0050High Purity Ball Valve Brochure (HP/H78)
 Product Brochures - Accessories
LIT0015R-K-C DGO Gear Operator Brochure
LIT0016Q Series/Pro-Gear Manual Gear Operators
LIT0022Limit Switch Brochure
LIT0023Positioners Brochure (PPR/EPR/SS)
LIT0044Filter Regulators (FR Series)
LIT0045Air Volume Boosters (AVB Series)

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