Electric Actuators

WE/XE/SE Series: Weather Proof, Explosion Proof, & Submersible Electric Actuators

WE Series (weather-proof) and XE Series (explosion-proof) electric actuators are specially designed for quarter-turn operating applications such as Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Plug valves, Dampers and similar valve automation usages. 

  • WE Weather-proof - CSA Approved; TYPE 4 & 4X; Torques 350 - 80,000 In-lbs.
  • XE Explosion-proof - ATEX/IECEx Certified Ex d IIB T4 Gb, IP67; Torques 500 - 25,900 In-Lbs.
  • SE Submersible - Type 4, 4X, & 6; IP68 (10m 72hr)

Call us for options if your application requires an actuator with fireproof housing (FE Series).

Models to Note:
The WE-350 model is specifically designed to operate small size ball valves (1” and less), dampers and other quarter-turn devices.

The WE-500 and XE-500 electric actuators have a compact design, ideal for use with small ball valves (2” and smaller), dampers and other quarter-turn devices. They are compact and light due to high grade aluminum alloy housing.  The hard-anodizing finish on the enclosure with polyester powder coating on the exterior surface equips this actuator with high resistance to corrosion. This actuator is the clear choice when a compact, efficient electric actuator is required!

XC Series: Explosion Proof Actuator (CSA Approved)

CSA Certification - Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D T4 Ex d IIB T4 Gb Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIB T4 Gb; TYPE 4, 4X, 6 & 7, IP66/IP67

The TRIAC® XC Series Actuators are CSA Certified Type 4, 4X, 6 & 7 for hazardous locations and meet UL 1203 standard. The actuators are rugged and reliable with powder coated anodized aluminum housing for use in oil, gas, chemical & power generation applications. 

The XC Series is a perfect match for A-T's resilient or high-performance butterfly valves and dampers because of the self-locking, double reduction worm drive and torque switches. The XC Series is also ideal for ball, plug or any rotary valve requiring automation in a hazardous location.

Standard Features:
Visual position indicator • Torque switches (XC-01350 – XC-25900) • Anti-condensation heater and thermostat • Two auxiliary limit switches • Self-locking gear train • Manual handwheel with torque from 690 in-lbs to 25900 in-lbs • Available motor voltages: 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC & 220VAC • Optional proportional control • Various inputs with feedback available

KE Series: Worm Drive Weather Proof Actuator

The TRIAC® KE Series electric actuators are the perfect match for small resilient or high-performance butterfly valves and dampers because of the self-locking worm drive and low profile that makes them ideal for tight spaces. The KE Series actuators are used to control rotary valves, such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, etc. Widely used in applications such as petroleum, chemical, water treatment, ship, paper, power stations, heating supply, building automation, light industry, etc.

Standard Features:
Convex lens visual position indicator makes it easier to observe without water collecting on the surface of the indicator • Anti-condensation heater and thermostat • Two auxiliary limit switches • Self-locking gear train • Manual override with wrench • Available motor voltages: 12VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC & 220VAC • Optional 4-20mA & 0-10 VDC proportional control • 8000 cycles @ 50% duty cycle

SRX Series: Spring Return Electric Actuators

Spring Return Electric Actuators are used in critical processes to return quarter-turn valves to their safe position even with the absence of power.

  • Available in 300, 600, 1200 and 1800 in-lb units in both on/off and modulating.
  • Explosion Proof, Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D, T4 Design
    Weatherproof, Type 4, 4x

FSE Series: Fail Safe Spring Return & BFS Series: Battery Backup Actuators

The TRIAC® FSE Series spring return electric failsafe actuator features a reliable clutching mechanism for spring failure. This spring engagement mechanism design provides for extended cycle life. 

  • Fail-safe Spring Return Electric Actuators for mechanical failure
  • Torques up to 2300 in-lbs
  • Corrosion resistant IP67, Type 4X construction
  • 110/120 VAC/1PH standard motor, or 220/240 VAC/1PH motor option
  • 24 VDC or 24VAC/1PH (available for FSE on/off models)
  • Optional manual override

 The TRIAC® BFS Series battery failsafe electric actuator features a sealed lead-acid (VRLA) battery with capacity for five cycles following loss of power. The battery recharges automatically when re-energized. The actuator is configurable to either fail close or fail open on loss of power supply.  

  • Battery Backup Fail-safe Electric Actuators for Emergency Shutdown Applications
  • Torques up to 2640 in-lbs
  • Corrosion resistant housing and enclosure Type 4, 4X & 6, IP65
  • 110/120 VAC/1PH standard motor, or 220/240 VAC/1PH motor option
  • Sealed, maintenance-free, rechargeable battery
  • Manual override with handwheel

E-Series (Original Style) Triac® Electric Actuator

The original product line of TRIAC electric actuators, E Series electric actuators offer torques from 300 to 30,000 in. lbs. and numerous features including manual overrides, auxiliary switches, 4-20mA modulating control, several voltage options including 1-phase 24/120V/220V - 12 and 24VDC, 3-phase 220v, 380v, and 440v (view voltage chart). The units feature EP-CYCLICAL gear trains and a unique manual override with handwheel. All actuators are Type 4x and are designed for maximum cycle life due to our rugged motors and gear trains. As with all TRIAC actuators, our E Series electrics are available with mounting kits on most ball, butterfly and plug valves. The actuators are ideal for use on butterfly and louver dampers with the increased benefit of self-locking EP-CYCLICAL gears, eliminating the need for unreliable solenoid brakes.

E Series Electric Valve Actuators Feature

  • CSA and CE Approved
  • Corrosion resistant Type 4, 4x construction
  • Self-locking EPI-CYCLICAL gear train
  • Standard manual override with handwheel
  • Visual position indicator
  • Standard two auxiliary limit switches (10amp at 120VAC)
  • Torque swtiches (2) standard on models ETI-8600 and larger
  • Optional servo card for modulating service
  • ISO5211 mounting patterns
  • 14º-160ºF working temperature

E Series Electric Valve Actuator Options

  • Potentiometer
    A optional potentiometer can provide a resistance (0-135ohm, 0-1Kohm, 0-5kohm, 0-10kohm) signal proportional to the actuators position. The potentiometer can give continuous feedback to control panels and other closed loop devices.
  • Three Position Control
    The E-Series actuator can be configured to have three distinct positions. The three position controls is useful in filling applications and multiported valves.
  • Two Wire Control
    When using the optional two wire control, the E-series (2) position electric actuator can be controlled with a low voltage signal. When the voltage is present the spring loaded relay will trip energizing the actuator to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. When the voltage is removed the spring will untrip the relay, energizing the actuator to rotate in the opposite direction.
  • DC Modulating Card
    The Triac DC modulating card (4-20mA input) can be used with the Triac E-Series DC powered actuators. Dynamic braking reduces motor coasting and provides improved control. Low standby current (22mA typical) when the actuator is not in operation.
  • Speed Control
    The Triac Speed Control is a compact module that extends the operating time of the E-Series AC powered actuator by pulsing the motor on and off. Extending the cycle time of an actuator can avoid problems associated with water hammer and control system instabilities.
  • Control Boxes
    Control boxes are available for a variety of local control options, such as local/remote open-off-close and jogging control. NEMA 4 housings are used as standard, but other housings are available upon request.

E Series Modulating Control Features

  • 10 bit Microprocessor Controller for precise positioning - eliminates the need for an external deadband control.
  • Programming of the controller is accomplished by a combination of push buttons and seven position DIP switch without the need for a command signal.
  • Input signals can be 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, 1-5VDC, Command signal potentiometer.
  • The TMC2 can be programmed to fail in place, fail clockwise or fail counter clockwise on loss of command signal.
  • Characterize control - Linear, Quick opening (square root) or equal percentage (square) relationship between the actuator position and the command signal.
  • On Board - 4-20mA Transmitter (Optional).