December 2020 Newsletter

CSA 3.16...

CSA 3.16 is a standard that certifies ¼” – 8” valves with welded, flanged, or threaded ends for use in natural gas, manufactured gas, and liquefied petroleum gases that are suitable for use between  -76 °F to 356 °F.
The certified pressure range for these valves is 0 – 125 psig, and the maximum permissible pressure of valves installed in these applications is 187 psig.
To become certified, valves must be tested in various ways such as a 625 psig Hydrostatic Shell Test, a 125 psig Aerostatic Seat Test, bending test, and flow capacity tests. Valves also undergo operation and pressure testing at both low and high temperatures dependent on the temperature rating of the testing.
Each A-T Controls CSA 3.16 certified valve has TFM-1600 seats installed, is production tested (seat leak tests in both directions and shell test), tagged with the date the valve was tested and CSA 3.16 year, and operation tested. The valves have been certified for service temperatures of -20 °F to 149 °F. A-T Controls certified 3.16-15 floating ball valves include our F88/F88C Series (1/4” – 3”), F90/F90C Series, and 6” Series 93/93C valves.

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