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A-T Controls is the leader in automated process valves in all industries: Marine, Gas and Oil production, Refining. Chemical production, Power, Green industries, Primary Metals, Pharma, Foods, Pulp and Paper. With a large inventory selection from our Cincinnati or Houston facilities, we carry a complete inventory of Ball Valves, Trunnion Mounted Valves, Butterfly Valves, Control Valves, Electric Actuators, Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators, Heavy Duty Actuators and Control Accessories. Our customer service, engineering, manufacturing and assembly capacity is second to none. We have capabilities to automate all sizes from small process valves to large pipeline valves with complete paint shop capabilities. A-T Controls is the last word in process valves.




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Instructional Videos

ES Series Introduction

New 3R Coating Options

How to Remove the Motor from an XE 2640 Actuator

How to Convert 3R Rack and Pinion Actuators to Reverse Acting

How to Mount an Electric Actuator to a D9 Valve

Body Seal Replacement for A-T Controls Series F88, F8R & F83

Calibration & Troubleshooting WEM Electric Actuator

Calibrating an EPR 1000 Series Positioner

Calibrating an SS2 Positioner

Converting Rack and Pinion Actuators to Reverse Acting

Sizing an A-T Controls Actuator

Mounting and Adjusting Actuator to Valve

Rebuild Series 33 Multiport Valve

Seat Replacement Series 88 High Performance 3-pc Ball Valve

Seat Replacement Series 90 Split Body Flanged Ball Valve

Setting APL 310 Limit Switches