Control Valves

V Series: Full V-Port Control Valves

V Series: Full V-Port Control Valves

Triac® V-Port Control Valves are ideal for achieving more precise control with the simplicity and sealing features of a ball valve. The V-port valves are available with 15°, 30°, 60°, & 90° V-notch options (custom cut also available). V-port valves offer better and more consistent control than traditional round ported ball valves. We offer this valve with the control port cast and machined into the ball, not in the seat, which allows for much better flow characteristics and eliminates the need to replace seats. The 15° and 30° options allow for finer tapered control throughout the valve rotation, and the 60° & 90° offer a larger Cv in addition to controlled flow.

The PTFE seat is standard in the V7 valves, while the 50/50 STFE seat is standard with V8, V9, and FVD9 V-port valves. The 50% 316 SST powder and 50% PTFE offers both strength and superior sealing properties.

While they are available as manual ball valves, we specialize in automating them to suit your particular control requirements.


  • Sizes 1/2”-4”, 3-Piece (V7, V8)
  • Sizes 1/2”-6”, 150# Flanged (V9)
  • Sizes 1/2”-6”, 300# Flanged Firesafe (FVD9)
  • 316SST or WCB
  • TA-Luft Certifed Low Emissions (V8, V9)
  • 15°, 30°, 60° & 90° “V” Notch Standard (Others on request)

See product catalog for detailed product information.

VS/VV/VM Series: Segmented V-Port Control Ball Valves

VS/VV/VM Series: Segmented V-Port Control Ball Valves

The A-T Controls V Series rotary valve is a throttling control segmented ball valve that provides high flow capacity with optimum characteristics for industrial markets including Pulp and Paper, Refinery, Chemical, and Petrochemical Industries.

  • VS Series - 50/50 STFE Seat
  • VV Metal Seat - Viton® Seat Packing
  • VM Metal Seat - Graphite Seat Packing


  • 1-pc body design reduces leakage paths
  • V-ball provides large dynamic pass of fluid, including solid particles
  • V-ball with top and bottom bearings reduces operational torque
  • Rotary-valve design allows the cutting of solids between the v-ball and the seats enabling the fluid to pass smoothly without obstructions
  • Spring live-loaded metal seats with Viton® or graphite backing
  • Interchangeable soft seats and metal seats to satisfy various applications. Seats can be easily changed in a few simple steps.
  • Automatic pressure relief design
  • Nearly equal percentage flow characteristic
  • Available in flangeless or flange connection
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad
  • Anti-static device
  • Easy to remove cap design simplifies seat changes and installation of repair kits

V-Port Segmented Control Valve Applications:

Slurry and Viscous Fluid | Powder and Particles in Fluid | Chips and Fibers in Pulp and Paper Process | Flow Control | Pressure Control | Steam | Gas| Liquid

These valves hold CRNs (Canadian Registration Numbers). Use the search bar on our site to access the CRN certificates; search "CRN".