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Several product lines have specific ordering schematics and extended options. See product literature in the the Downloads Section for the following Series: M-Series Ball Valves, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Resilient Butterfly Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic Actuators, Heavy Duty Actuators, Electric Actuators and Control Accessories.

Quality & Certifications

At A-T Controls, we are committed to quality and it is our mission to supply the highest value and best quality valve and valve automation products available in the industry. Our objective is to provide these quality products in a timely manner to our valued customers and distribution partners. We will strive to attain continuous improvement and innovation in product design, performance, value and quality management system, which we will measure based on internal and customer driven feedback. The goal of A-T Controls is to operate at the highest level of integrity in our relations with customers, vendors and personnel. For quality documentation not linked here, please call the office to request from our quality manager.

Product Approvals, Certifications & Standards by Product Line

    Applicable Product Lines Download/Link
AVU Registrations Certified to ISO 9001:2015 Pertains to all A-T/TRIAC products and services View Details
Canadian Registration Numbers Canadian Registration Numbers Soft Seat Ball Valves
Metal Seat & Segment Control Ball Valves
Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves
High Performance Butterfly Valves
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
View Details
TA-Luft Certified Valves TA-Luft Certified Valves Series 22
Series 88
Series 90
Series D9
TA-Luft Certification
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Approved Pneumatic Actuators: 2R Series
Electric Actuators: WE, XE, SE, KE
Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves
High Performance Butterfly Valves
ABS Approved Actuators Certificates
ABS Approved Butterfly Valves Certificate
High Performance Butterfly Valves
API Certified Firesafe API 607 - 6th* Edition Certified Firesafe Valves F23/F26, F83, F8R, F88, F90, F91, FD9, WB/W6, M-Series: FMB/FMU/FMX, PF Series HPBFV, Trunnion
*See product specifications for detailed standards of each series.
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CSA Group Product Listing CSA Group Product Listing Actuators: XC Series
WE Series Enclosure
Limit Switches:
APL-2 and APL-3
APL-4 and APL-5
XC Series CSA Certification
WE Series Enclosure CSA Cert.
APL 2 & APL 3 CSA Certification
APL 4 & APL 5 CSA Certification
IEC 61508:2010 | SIL 3 Capable IEC 61508:2010 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
High Performance Butterfly Valves
2-Way Ball Valves
3-Way Ball Valves
Floating Ball Valves
ATC Trunnion Valve SIL 3
FM Approved FM Class 7400
FM Class 7412
FM Class 7420
FM Class 7422
SS & SC Series
(See FM Approved Assembly brochure for specific offering)
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CE 97/23/EC PED 97/23/EC Most Valves & Pneumatic Actuators All products have CE mark
(under various certificates)
94/9/EC Rack & Pinion Actuators, F23/F26 Seal Weld Valves, W6 Isolation Valve, High Performance Butterfly Valves See product literature for details
Specific to each product Explosion Proof Actuators & Accessories (XE & XC Series Electric Actuators, Limit Switches, & Positioners) WE/XE/XC/KE Series catalog
Limit Switch Catalog
Positioners Catalog
API - American Petroleum Institute API 598 22, 24, 30, 33/43/53, 55, 77, 83, F83, 8R, F8R, 88, F88, P1, Trunnions, 90, F90, F91, D9, FD9 150/300/600, Cryogenic, WB/W6, DR, M Series, V-Ports, Resilient & High-Performance Butterfly Valves See product literature
API 609 Resilient & High-Performance Butterfly Valves See product literature
API 641 F88, F90, F91, FD9 API 641 Certificate
API 6D TS2/TS3 Trunnions API 6D Certificate
API 6FA Series TM3 Metal Seated Trunnion See product literature
CFSI Conflict Minerals Report   We are able to provide a conflict minerals statement by request. Please contact our quality team if needed.
CFSI NSF 61 & 372 NS Series Butterfly Valves (NS, NSP), NS Series Ball Valves (NS20, NS22, NS55, NS90-F1, NSD9-F1, NSD9-F3) NS Series